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 President: Prof R Ashford

email: President

Vice President: Tony Holl

Honorary Secretary: Jane Ware. Tel: 0121 3601281 

email: The Secretary

Honorary Treasurer: Alan Toplis. Tel: 01543 414651.

email: The Treasurer 


Dr Chris & Mrs Sue Morris, Pat Toplis, Ted Ware, Ann Hazell-Smith, John Minister.

If you are interested in joining "W&DSS" or would like to find out more about the society's aims, and the Scottish heritage we promote in Walsall & the West Midlands, please contact one of the above committee members by email or phone.

Any queries regarding this web site please contact The Webmaster


1900                      Mr J C Shannon (Jan-Oct)

1900-1902             Dr J McDonald

1902-1904             Mr J F Addison

1904-1906             Mr J A Airston

1906-1908             Mr J Wylie

1908-1908             Mr H H McConnal

1909-1911             Mr W D Forsyth

1911-1913             Mr G Braithwaite

1913-1916             Mr J A Leckie

1916-1918             Mr E N Marshall

1918-1920             Mr J W Gordon

1920-1921             Mr J A Airston

1921-1923             Mr J R Boak

1923-1925             Dr J A M Clarke

1925-1927             Dr J Stirling

1927-1928             Mr W Meikle

1928-1929             Dr F Richard

1929-1931             Mr H Bullock

1931-1933             Dr D M MacMillan

1933-1935             Mr J J Wilson

1935-1937             Dr D T McAinsh

1937-1939             Dr R U Gillan

1938-1941             Mr A A Walker

1941-1943             Dr H Campbell Orr

1943-1944             Mr H Harper

1944-1946             Mr W Cooper

1946-1948             Mr A M Craig

1948-1950             Mr T Harry Myatt

1950-1951             Mr R W Gilroy

1951-1952             Mr J H S Addison

1952-1954             Dr E R S Grice

1954-1956             Mr W F McKie

1956- ?                  Mr Smillie

1957-1959             Mr W A Reid

1959-1961             Dr T B Stirling

1961-1963             Mr R J Laing

1963-1965             Mr J M McMillan

1965-1966             Mr A B Anderson

1966-1968             Mr A B Matthews

1968-1970             Mr G H Henderson

1970-1972             Dr N Young

1972-1974             Mr T Lindsay

1974-1976             Mr W A S Flood

1976-1978             Mr R H Stobo

1978-1981             Dr J A Glennie

1981-1983             Mrs G Barker

1983-1985             Mr P F Smithson

1985-1987             Dr C D E Morris

1987-1989             Mr G Bird

1989-1991             Mrs P Toplis

1991-1993             Dr M M Milne

1993-1995             Mrs F Glennie

1995-1998             Mr A Toplis

1998-2000             Mr J M McMillan

2000-2003             Mr D Wilkinson

2003-2004             Dr C D E Morris

2004-2006             Dr D Robertson

2006-2008             Mr R Murray

2008-2011             Mr J Drummond

2011-2013            Prof R Ashford

2013-2015           Mr M G Edwards          

2015-2017           Mr John Minister

2017-2019           Mrs Ann Hazell-Smith

2019-2020           Mr Iain Agnew

2020-                   Prof R Ashford